UKCP Registered Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and BABCP Provisionally Registered CBT Therapist.  Short and long-term. Online. United Kingdom

Careful listening is at the centre of my practice. Beginning with your story and told in your own way, our collaboration will explore the details and the themes of your experience. The aim is for you to come to see yourself in new ways and to recognise possibilities of choice and change in place of the repetition of painful patterns. My role is to listen closely and to respond in ways that help you build an ongoing process of growth, enabling you to live, feel, and act more fully.

I believe what makes counselling unique and effective is its ability to help you to learn something new about yourself. Greater self-understanding can revolutionize your relationships, improve your self-esteem, and help you make new and better choices for yourself. Often, the answers you’re seeking are already within you waiting to be discovered. I have successfully worked with many people who were initially suspicious of counselling and were concerned that needing it reflected some kind of personal weakness. I believe just the opposite is true – that it requires courage to examine one’s life honestly and to be open to new ways of living.

Experience has taught me that providing a safe and supportive therapeutic environment is the key to emotional healing and personal growth. My approach is to be collaborative and supportive, and my goal is to create an atmosphere where people feel free to talk and say what’s on their mind. We can work together to make sense of whatever has become a problem for you in the ‘here and now’ or enduring issues with their roots in the past. I enjoy embodying the sounding board, a fresh set of eyes – whatever form of support you need in order to face your life more boldly and vividly.