Authentic Human: Counselling

BACP Registered. Short and long-term remote/video Counselling. Sex, Body, Polyamory and Neurodiverse Positive Counsellor/Psychotherapist.

When faced with a crisis, impasse, or other stressful life situation, we all intuitively seek comfort, support and guidance. We can usually receive this from friends, partners, and family, and while it initially makes us feel better, it often isn’t enough to resolve what challenges us or prevent it from reoccurring. Real and lasting changes are possible, but they require trying new approaches to old problems.

Effective counselling/psychotherapy is essentially a conversation that deepens over time with a focus on helping you better understand yourself and feel capable of making different choices. I believe depression, anxiety and low mood are symptoms of emotional conflicts that are not fully understood and integrated. My work focuses on helping you gain greater clarity and balance and expands your emotional experience and potential for making new, more productive choices.